We are into week 3 of the Challenge and over half way done!

Last week our net total weight loss for everyone was -.5 so we really need to stay focused on losing body fat and gaining muscle over the next couple of weeks. TIP: Make sure you are eating sufficient protein in your diet!! If you have questions about how much protein you should be eating, talk to your coach. There are tons of articles and research about how to do body re-composition, this article sums it up well. It suggests apx 1g of protein per pound of body weight while eating at a calorie deficit.

This week the extra credit is the same as week 2 – you earn extra points for every calorie you burn on the air assault bikes in 3 minutes (must use the bikes at Zone for the extra credit). If you did the challenge last week, try to beat your calorie count this week! Text Curt or Will your calorie count plus a picture of the display if they are not present. For those not able to do the bike due to physical reasons, you may substitute calories burned in 3 mins on the elliptical.

Willpower Challenger, Points
Alex , Team Curt, Points: 991
Lisa G, Team Curt, Points: 902
Calysta, Team Curt, Points: 823
Annie L, Team Curt, Points: 764
Sarah B, Team Will, Points: 715
Ajay, Team Curt, Points: 496
Ben P, Team Curt, Points: 417
Jyoti, Team Curt, Points: 368
Lisa S, Team Curt, Points: 369
Bryan H, Team Will, Points: 3410
Susan G, Team Will, Points: 3211
Andrea G, Team Will, Points: 3012
Ryan H, Team Curt, Points: 2713
John H, Team Curt, Points: 2714
Tiffany H, Team Will, Points: 1615
Jordan M, Team Curt, Points: 816
Rani, Team Curt, Points: 617
Ethan S, Team Curt, Points: 518