That’s a huge accomplishment, we are so proud! After week 2 numbers were recorded, it looks like Lisa G is in out of the gates strong with a big lead for week 1! Ajay and Annie are not far behind. See the updated scores below. Let’s gooo!

Week 2 is almost over now, but we want to give everyone a chance to earn more points.

For week 2, you can earn an extra point for every calorie you burn in 3 minutes on the air assault bike (we may apply a multiplier to it based on age just for fun). Use the calorie counter on the bike display to get your calorie count. If you are not able to do the bike due to physical reasons, you may substitute it for the elliptical machine.

To report your extra credit, text your coach a picture of the bike display with calories so we have a record of it (if your coach isn’t present at the gym when you complete the 3 mins).

Willpower Challenger, Points
Alex , Team Curt, Points: 991
Lisa G, Team Curt, Points: 902
Calysta, Team Curt, Points: 823
Annie L, Team Curt, Points: 764
Sarah B, Team Will, Points: 715
Ajay, Team Curt, Points: 496
Ben P, Team Curt, Points: 417
Jyoti, Team Curt, Points: 368
Lisa S, Team Curt, Points: 369
Bryan H, Team Will, Points: 3410
Susan G, Team Will, Points: 3211
Andrea G, Team Will, Points: 3012
Ryan H, Team Curt, Points: 2713
John H, Team Curt, Points: 2714
Tiffany H, Team Will, Points: 1615
Jordan M, Team Curt, Points: 816
Rani, Team Curt, Points: 617
Ethan S, Team Curt, Points: 518