Week 1 is almost done!! Hopefully everyone is all set up with their scales. If not, please contact your coach immediately to help. This week we collected baseline numbers. That means we only have 5 weeks to really put our heads down and get working on those numbers!!

Earn a point for week 1:

Easy peasy – this week we just want to make sure you are reading these posts! If you make it to this page and post a comment at the bottom with your first name, you will earn an extra point for week 1!

To post a comment, simply scroll to the bottom of this page (not on the right hand side). Enter your comment, your name, your email and submit. It will be sent to us for approval before publishing but we will still know you posted it even if it isn’t showing publicly.

You can use comments here each week to ask questions, comment on progress, or just talk FUN smack with each other, if you like.


Below is the scorecard. We are still working on getting this to appear correctly, so for now, just make sure your name shows up down there and post a comment if we need to correct spelling. A lot was difficult to read from hand writing on the sign up 🙂

Willpower Challenger, Points
Alex , Team Curt, Points: 991
Lisa G, Team Curt, Points: 902
Calysta, Team Curt, Points: 823
Annie L, Team Curt, Points: 764
Sarah B, Team Will, Points: 715
Ajay, Team Curt, Points: 496
Ben P, Team Curt, Points: 417
Jyoti, Team Curt, Points: 368
Lisa S, Team Curt, Points: 369
Bryan H, Team Will, Points: 3410
Susan G, Team Will, Points: 3211
Andrea G, Team Will, Points: 3012
Ryan H, Team Curt, Points: 2713
John H, Team Curt, Points: 2714
Tiffany H, Team Will, Points: 1615
Jordan M, Team Curt, Points: 816
Rani, Team Curt, Points: 617
Ethan S, Team Curt, Points: 518


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