Photo of gym facility, Zone Personal Fitness.
Photo of The Field at Zone Personal Fitness, 3,000 square feet open functional training space.
Photo of Will Wark - Owner and Personal Trainer at Zone Personal Fitness gym.

A little about Zone

At our gym, we like to have fun. We like to lift. Lift, laugh, love… if you will. Exercise is our breath of life and we want to share that with as many people as we can. Welcome to Zone!

At Zone, members have the opportunity to train with one of our pro trainers or use our facility as their own private gym. Zone offers the advantage of a small personal training studio and a large fitness facility – you get the best of both worlds. Our fitness facility is roughly 8,000 square feet and is decked out with a variety of circuit training machines, free weights, cardio equipment along with some specialized training equipment. Find out more about what Zone has to offer here.

… & a little about how Zone came to be.

Thank you for joining me on the path of fitness! Fitness has been a life long journey for me. Zone Personal Fitness was built based on my beliefs of how I define health and fitness. I am extremely passionate about inspiring people to be better through the vehicle of fitness. I am continually evolving my own health and wellness through this same practice in order to provide the best education and opportunity for you to experience the same. My hope is that you leave Zone each and every time feeling better, living better and looking better than when you came in!

-Will Wark
Owner, Zone Personal Fitness

Are You Ready to Feel Better, Look Better and Live Better?

Our mission at Zone Personal Fitness is to provide the COMPLETE fitness experience to our community that leads them to
feel better, look better and live better.

Our vision is to inspire growth and wellness through fitness in our community!