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No matter your goal or your ability level, we have something for everyone and we welcome you as part of our family.

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Work with one of our fitness professionals to help guide and support you to reaching and surpassing your goals. Interested in joining our awesome team of trainers? Click here to find out how!

Families in The Zone

Do you have a family of 3 or more?

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Youth in The Zone

Our Youth Certified Program will ensure you feel confident that your kids are exercising safely and effectively.

Community is the glue of the Zone. 

Read on for the inside scoop about what makes us who we are and what creates the culture of Zone.
Our members are likeminded individuals who uphold these values.

We're hooked on Phonics.

We freakin’ love learning. We are driven by a passion for improvement.  We are constantly evolving our own health and fitness practice through continual education so that we can not only better ourselves but educate others as well. We at Zone are a group of people who want to get better, learn together and embrace growing together.

Paying it forward, left and right.

Be part of something larger than a few workouts per week. The roots of what fitness means run deep at Zone. We aspire to inspire you through our personal stories but we also aspire to be inspired by you. There’s no embarrassment or shame in coming as you are, your amazing authentic self. Fitness, in all of its complexity is who we are at Zone. We live it. We love it. We teach it. We share it. We breathe a love for fitness.

Get on with your Kaizan.

Slow and steady change. Kaizan. We strive for growth- as a business, as people, as trainers, as members. We believe that it takes consistent work to be better and do better. We help people realize their driving force for change, to realize their potential and to create sustainable progress. The changes made in the gym do not stay in the gym, they create the life you live outside the gym.

Gettin’ it done while havin’ fun.

Exercise takes effort and change takes time so we believe enjoying the process is crucial. From our members to our staff to our trainers, to the owners- together, we create the welcoming environment that is Zone. Gym-timidation has no place here. Come as you are, say hi to your neighbor, pick up a dumbbell and get it done. Jokes encouraged. High five.

We’ll do ya right.

We take pride in what we do and how we do it. Our members and clients help make Zone what it is and we truly value that. Our trainers take the responsibility of your body seriously and program purposefully and thoughtfully according to your specific needs in order to help you improve and reach your specific goals. We strive to create an environment that will welcome you, fulfill your needs and leave you looking forward to your next workout.

“Great facility and great atmosphere created by a solid group of individuals…Highly recommend!”

Meet Will, owner extraordinaire. 

“Zone was born out of a need for personal growth in my life and has since evolved into something much larger. The way I see it, success comes from giving you what creating Zone gave to me – it made me a better person. It tested me and showed me that frankly I am way more badass than I thought. It shined a light on my personal strengths and helped develop my weaknesses. It still does to this day. Creating and growing Zone has helped mold me into the person I want to be and my goal is to pay that forward to all of you.” – Will Wark, Owner

We're pretty awesome at a lot of things.

Just sayin’.

Personal Training is about TEAMWORK....

Our pro trainers work with you to guide, support and educate you on your path to your goals.

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“The trainers there will get your body sculpted into the shape you want! Each one of them is kind, welcoming and very knowledgeable with anything pertaining to fitness.”

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“…I have lost over 35 pounds, but I gained a whole new perspective.”

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“…I can honestly say it’s the best decision I could have ever made for myself. “

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“…He has been very instrumental in keeping me at a high level of exercise”

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Zone gives back.

We love to share.

Welcome to our resource corner. We want to share some of our favorite people and places to get good, relevant, science-backed information. No media hoo-ha.
Happy learning!

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